How to Find Your Wedding Photographer Green Bay

With all the wedding photographers in the market today, couples are often confused as to what they should look for in a photographer and photography coverage. Here are some things to take into consideration…

– Personality – your photographer will be with you the majority of your day, so make sure you are comfortable with them!

– Do you love their work? Can you “see” yourself in their photos? Make sure you view a full wedding from start to finish, not just a sample of their “greatest hits”. Anybody can take a great shot on occasion but only a professional will be able to provide consistent quality.

– What is the photographer’s background? Have they recently picked up a camera during these tough economic times or do they have the education, knowledge and experience with handling weddings? Are they insured and do they carry backup equipment?

– What are you getting with your package? Does the photographer leave you with only digital files or are you receiving a complete package with touched-up prints and a customized album?