Wedding Photographer – Green Bay, WI

The chance to photograph the wedding of good friends is always fun, but to have an incredibly gorgeous venue on top of that is a photographers dream! Nikki and Alex got married outdoors in absolutely gorgeous scenery. Although it turned out to be an incredibly hot day, the ceremony was beautiful. Here is just a sneak peek of a few photos… more coming soon!

Wedding Photographer – Jeni & Drew

Although it was another blustery day at their parent’s remodeled school house, Jeni and Drew had a gorgeous July 3rd wedding. Jeni may have been running a little late, but I am sure Drew would agree she was well worth the wait. With adorable decorations, a slew of daisies and an awesome fireworks show, the happy couple danced the night away.

How to Find Your Wedding Photographer Green Bay

With all the wedding photographers in the market today, couples are often confused as to what they should look for in a photographer and photography coverage. Here are some things to take into consideration…

– Personality – your photographer will be with you the majority of your day, so make sure you are comfortable with them!

– Do you love their work? Can you “see” yourself in their photos? Make sure you view a full wedding from start to finish, not just a sample of their “greatest hits”. Anybody can take a great shot on occasion but only a professional will be able to provide consistent quality.

– What is the photographer’s background? Have they recently picked up a camera during these tough economic times or do they have the education, knowledge and experience with handling weddings? Are they insured and do they carry backup equipment?

– What are you getting with your package? Does the photographer leave you with only digital files or are you receiving a complete package with touched-up prints and a customized album?