Senior FAQ’s

SeniorProductsWhat should I wear?

Wear what makes you feel comfortable and what you feel great in! Bring a variety of clothing choices from casual to dressy.  You may want to dress in layers – this adds some depth and texture to your outfits and you can easily change up the look by adding/removing a layer.  Make sure to fully accessorize each outfit – earrings, necklaces, hats, shoes, etc.

Helpful tips

  • Get your hair cut a week or more before your session to allow some time for it to “grow-in”.
  • Glasses have a high risk of showing glare! The best bet to be photographed in glasses is to check with your eye doctor – often you will be able to borrow a similar pair of frames with no lenses.
  • Wear your makeup slightly heavier than normal. Avoid glitter makeup!!
  • Avoid sleeveless tops – they draw attention towards your arms and away from your face. Unless it is something you absolutely love, stick with sleeves!
  • You can split up your session into two days for an additional fee (because we know you want curly AND straight hair!)
  • Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas!


What should I bring?

Make sure your outfit choices are organized and ready to go! Bring any props that represent YOU! This could be sports equipment or a uniform, musical instrument, activities (dance, art, etc) – anything that represents who you are!

Bring a friend or family member – someone that makes you feel comfortable! We know you are not used to being the star of a photo shoot and while we try to make you as comfortable as possible and have some fun, it often helps to have someone you know by your side – whether that is mom, your best friend, or someone else.


How do I choose a location?

We will discuss beforehand what location(s) we will be using for your shoot. Let us know what kind of feel you are looking for – grass/trees, urban setting, water, etc. and we will figure out the best location (we have a few hidden gems up our sleeve!).  We prefer to shoot in the natural light of the great outdoors, however, we do have a small studio space in our home office.


When is the session fee due?

Your session fee is due prior to your scheduled session time. Most people generally mail this ahead of time.


What if there is bad weather or I get sick?

If the skies are looking cloudy don’t fret — clouds and overcast skies actually shoot much better than full-out sunlight. Unfortunately if it is raining, we will have to reschedule for the sake of our equipment and your hair!! We will contact you as soon as possible if the weather is looking nasty. If YOU are feeling under the weather please contact us so that we can reschedule.  Your session fee payment can be applied to your rescheduled time.


When will I see my proofs?

Proofs are generally available 2-3 weeks following your session. We will contact you as soon as they are available for viewing!


I got a big zit… now what?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. All proofs will have basic retouching.  Braces can be removed from proofs that are ordered as a print. Things we cannot retouch include sunburn, tan lines, and 5’oclock shadows!


How do I submit my yearbook photo?

Once your proofs are online you will receive an order form. This is where you state what proof number you would like submitted to your school’s yearbook as well as order any prints and other products. When selecting your yearbook photo please keep in mind any regulations and deadlines for your school.


Everything sounds good — how do I book?

Shoot us an email or give us a call! We will set-up a time for your session.  Most outdoor sessions are shot 1-2 hours before sunset or first thing in the morning for the best available light. Once your session is scheduled, we will send you our portrait contract, and you can mail in your session fee.  One to two weeks beforehand we will have a discussion to talk about your session location(s), outfit choices, props, and anything else you want to include.  This can be done thru email or a phone call.